When life gets crazy….

Do something normal. Well, while I won’t go into any details to protect the innocent and not so innocent, this weekend was all kinds of crazy. The past two days have found Jami and myself just trying to return to normal. Yesterday I don’t think either of us left the house. The kids were good and it was just a nice quiet, much needed, mental health day.

I can honestly say that after a really bad start this morning on my part, we both seem to be in a much better state of mind. At least for this very second. It could change, so don’t push your luck. 

I did email Vons about the ridiculous new manager. She does absolutely nothing and today, seriously, I almost cursed her out. Lack of bail money is what got me out the door. 

I also heard from the grandmother of the kid that tossed Caleb’s scooter in the pool last week.  She was a bit ticked off that I notified the sponsor and not her. After reading her ridiculous email, there is no doubt I did the right thing. I can now say it really isn’t the kids fault he is so rude. It is apparently how he has been raised. I wrote her back one of my infamous “I’m in a mood so I’m going to speak so far above your level of comprehension that it will take you a week to figure out exactly what I said.” Hey, what can I say, I’m a writer. I did request that she never contact me again and blocked her email. As far as I was concerned, this incident was over a week ago. Bringing it up again is not going to make me see your point of view. Your kid was wrong. Caleb was wrong. It would have ended that day had he shown me one inch of respect. Can’t fix stupid, so we are done. 

Tomorrow is full of paperwork. I figure I can do paperwork in my jammies. If I’m lucky, Jami will have discovered a new series on Netflix and we can chill in between papers. Oh, and at some point we are going to the gym. We might have to drag ourselves down the stairs, but we are going to the gym. 

So yes, things got a little crazy, but we made it through and we have some pretty funny stories that we can never tell anyone. Unless we get drunk and mention it, but we never do that. Well, hardly ever. 

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Mental health day

Yes, I took one last Friday, but the kids and I need another today. Some days it is just nice to do nothing, sit in your jammies, and enjoy the quiet.

I was talking to a friend earlier and she made the comment how she couldn’t even escape to the bathroom without interruption. I laughed and looked around at my kids. Liz was making tortilla chips in the kitchen. Jake was eating lunch. Caleb was on his phone, and Em was at the computer. Conversations were happening, but it was pretty peaceful. It hit me at that moment, life has been pretty damn peaceful as of late. 

Yes, we have our issues, but for the most part, we all get along. I would dare to go as far as saying we enjoy one another’s company. Don’t get me wrong, around seven I will begin eyeing the clock counting down until bedtime, but days like this make me realize how very blessed I am. 

Whitney is due to give birth to Miss Marlee on the 11th if all goes well. There was talk of taking her early due to low iron, but things seem to have leveled off and the plan is still in place. I will not be there for this one. As much as I want to, Collin has this firmly under control and knowing he will be with her in the delivery room and with her following the birth, I am comforted. The two of them have come so far and I think I have said this before, but I have never seen Whitney this happy. Her smile radiates from within. 

Today is a good day. 


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Well, I’m bored

So here I am. I wish I had some brilliant topic to cover, but honestly? I’m just bored. 

That rarely happens in my life anymore. Jami keeps life very interesting and very busy, but she is dealing with some stuff at the moment that I am ill equipped to offer help, so here I sit…bored. 

I must admit, Emily is doing her best to keep me running, but it is the end of the day and all I want to do is yell “BEDTIME” and curl up in my nice bed and sleep. 

The living room could use a quick clean up, but seriously, it will just look like Quiet Riot held a jam session in here when I wake up in the morning, so I will wait to pick up. 

Caleb got new bars for his scooter. Yes, this is his third set in about four months. Your point? I am hoping that these are the ones that take him over that hurdle and get him doing some back flips. I am hoping in a few weeks I can get him up to Riverside to the indoor park with foam pits. I would much rather he test his ability while falling into foam as opposed to concrete. 

Oh great…the beauty queen calls. Toodles!!!

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So yeah, this is my life

One of those “I want to blog this, but it keeps coming out wrong” kind of days. 

I guess this will be my infamous ramble blog and we will see where it goes.

Em’s new medicine regimen is working out well. The doctor said to put off potty training her for at least six months. This will give her body time to adjust and recognize the signs. She knows how to use the potty and can wear panties accident free, but for her bowel issue. We are hoping at the end of these six months, she is on a regular schedule and we can seamlessly move from pull ups to panties. 

Walking the lake has yet to happen. There is so much going on that Jami and I need to get cleared up so that life can move forward in a positive manner for our families. We spend much of our mornings tag teaming different agencies and were pretty successful today. I am hoping we can get out in the morning for our first lake walk. At this point, all calls have been made and it is just a waiting game, so why not wait while we walk the lake and get some exercise? 

Today was crazy busy, but we were able to laugh at much of it and no one was killed. Trust me, that is a major accomplishment considering what we were up against. 

It has been such a blessing to have Jami in our lives. Yes, life can get crazy, but we are in it together and can find humor in just about everything. Her grandparents are the sweetest people on this earth and I have a serious crush on Grandpa. He is a hoot and Grandma is such a kind woman. The kids love going to their house to play. Caleb is a huge help when it comes to unloading firewood. 

So yeah, this is my life and I have not one complaint. 



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Embracing my creative side

First of all, I am the least creative person in the world. I do not do crafts. I don’t do fancy meals. However, I do write and I realized the other day that writing is how I embrace the creative side of myself. 

Jami and I have been busy all weekend doing wild and crazy things like laundry and dinner. I know, be jelly…we are such the party animals. We did have some quiet time that we talked and discussed things going on in each of our lives. It was during that discussion that I was reminded of how much I enjoy writing and how little of it  I am actually doing.

After a rough few weeks of med errors, I am happily back firmly on the ground. If there is one thing I learned during the prescription mix up, it is I NEED my medication. My entire outlook changes when I am off balance and it takes a few days of the right meds to get me back on track. 

My dad’s birthday was on Saturday and I handled it as I usually do. Crying and missing him terribly. I did my best to limit interaction with people so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, Jami is used to me being a crying mess, so she just let me cry. Don’t tell her, but I might have gotten a little snot on her tank top..hence laundry the next day.

This morning I am happily ignoring the fact that I need to get my ass back into shape eating some chips and drinking a soda (breakfast of champions) when in she comes with the baby in the stroller and the demand that we go for a walk. This led to half an hour of hilarity as we tried to figure out how to work the air compressor to air up the tires on the jogging stroller. We finally did it, but don’t ask me how.

Two in the stroller and one walking and off we went. Oh, forgot to mention, we had the dog too. We had no destination in mind, she just wanted to get out in the fresh air. I’d say we walked a mile to a mile and a half. If you consider all the extra we had…not a bad walk. We are going to try and find another jogger for E so she doesn’t have to walk. She did a pretty good job of keeping up, but I know she had to have been tired.

What is a walk without a stop for ice cream? I refrained, but we got some for the girls and brought Caleb some home. I am now exhausted, but feeling really good overall. I needed that push to get out and get moving and she set the perfect pace. 

So…life is boring and sometimes boring is just what a girl needs. 

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What I wish you knew…

*Disclaimer* First, WordPress ate my blog earlier so this is my second attempt. Second, I will be using the pronoun “I” throughout this simply to make it sound less like I am allowing the voices to talk for me. This does not necessarily represent me or anyone that I know. It is just some things that have come up often enough that I think it would help to put it out there. 

  • Mental illness does not equate “crazy”. Yes, we all know someone that is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal, but they are the exception, not the rule. Most of us suffering with mental illness have a chemical imbalance that responds well to medication. 
  • I will never share my entire life with you for fear that you will use it against me in the future. You might know that I don’t speak to many members of my family, but you will never know the real reason why. History dictates to me that whatever I do say, can and will be used against me at some point.
  • Please don’t tell me to “get over it”. Do you really believe that I want to feel this way? I have done yoga, meditation, etc. If your name does not have Dr. in front of it, then please let me follow the advice of the one that does. 
  • My illness is not about YOU. Reminding me time and time again how much you are having to do around the house to pick up my slack really isn’t helping. I know I have let things slide. I know most days I consider it a success if I shower. I know you are working and trying to maintain things at home. I just don’t have the ability to give a shit.
  • I know it isn’t easy to live with someone in a deep depression or manic state. Trust me though, it is far easier to live with one than to BE one. My mind never stops. It is like an ipod on repeat 24/7. I am constantly reminding myself how I am failing as a person. I really don’t need to hear you tell me.
  • When my mind does finally quiet down at night with the help of a strong sleeping pill, you coming in and yelling doesn’t endear me to you. Right now it is all I can do to love myself. We will worry about you later.

In a nutshell…mental illness sucks for all involved. The difference between you and I? They make pills to keep me calm. Sadly, they have yet to make a pill that will make you less an asshole.


*Again, I wrote this in first person only to make it read easier. I am not suggesting this is my life at the moment or at any moment. I just felt this needed to be said in general.*


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You can’t fix stupid

A few days ago I read about a woman that claims she was removed from a concert simply because she was breastfeeding her child. I, being a huge breastfeeding proponent, began to read the story expecting to be disgusted by the removal of the woman doing exactly what God intended for her child. Oh, I was disgusted alright, but not with the security, but with the woman.

She was not removed for breastfeeding her child. She was actually never asked to leave the concert. She had her FOUR MONTH OLD CHILD in what is referred to as “the pit” within inches of the stage and the very large speakers. She was told there was concern for the safety of the child and offered a seat in another section comparable to where she was standing with her FOUR MONTH OLD CHILD. Instead of taking the offer, she decided to make it a breastfeeding issue.

The issue, you crazy woman, is that the child could have been hurt if there was a sudden rush to the stage. Yes, it was a country concert and not some heavy metal band, but it is still loud and accidents happen. Must I remind you of the tragic day the stage collapsed at a Sugarland concert injuring several and, if I remember correctly, killing at least one?

If you want to claim no rush would have happened, fine. What about the very loud music coming out of the large speakers? I have been to my share of concerts, rock as well as country and they are all LOUD. My ears are ringing for hours after and I am an adult. It was a poor idea to bring your four month old to the concert. Period.

To try and make it into something it isn’t not only makes you look foolish, but is an insult to those that have had real issues when breastfeeding in public.

*rant over*


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